Topic: "The threat of the destruction of the house in the historic center of Kiev: residents statement"

Jürgen Fruchsutz, owner of the apartment
Vitaliy Vlyasiuk, lawyer of the owner of the apartment


Topic: "The Premiere of the Documentary Series "Hard Batch", dedicated to veterans and their post-war lives"

Sergiy Malyarchuk, producer, author of the idea
Kostiantyn Klyatskin, director
Andriy Kozynchuk, military psychologist, project participant


Topic: "Starting a School of Entrepreneurship Development Organizations"

Dmytro Romanovych, Deputy Minister of Economy, Trade and Rural Development
economy of Ukraine
Valeria Ionan, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for Ukraine's European Integration
Andriy Shpakov, Head of Program Component 1, CIVITTA
Natalia Slynko, Head of Program Component 2, Eastern Europe Foundation
Moderator: Lubomyr Chorniy, Head of Creation of Favorable Business Environment Department for USAID's Competitive Economy Program