Topic: “Ministry of Defense of Ukraine: updates on the activities over the past 4 days”

Col. Oksana Havryliuk, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine spokesperson


Topic: "Presentation of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the NGO ‘La Strada-Ukraine’ and All- Ukrainian charitable organization ‘Convictus Ukraine’ in the sphere of aid to IDP women suffering domestic and gender-based violence"

Kateryna Levchenko, President of the NGO "La Strada-Ukraine"
Alyona Kryvulyak, director of the national "hot line" of the NGO "La Strada-Ukraine"
Lidia Kozub, representative of the All-Ukrainian charitable organization "Convictus Ukraine"


Col. Andriy Lysenko, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine spokesperson on ATO-related issues


Topic: "Authors of the film ‘Myth’ about the fallen Vasyl Slipak call to contribute to production"

Leonid Kanter, scriptwriter of the film, producer, director of the film "Myth"
Ivan Yasniy, cameraman, director of the film "Myth"
Diana Karpenko, co-producer of the film’s crowdfunding campaign


Topic: "Combating discrimination: events in the village Olshany of the Kharkiv region"

Andrii Yurash, Director of the Department for Religious Affairs and Nationalities of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine
Aksana Filipishyna, Representative of the Commissioner for observance of the rights of the child, non-discrimination and gender equality
Mariana Magomedova, coordinator of the Roma program of the International Renaissance Foundation
Volodymyr Kondur, chairman of the Coalition of Roma NGOs of Ukraine "Strategy 2020"
Vadym Matiushenko, chairman of the National and Cultural Society "Romen"
Mykola Yurchenko, head of the NGO "Ternipe"
Petro Burlachenko, lawyer
Zemfira Kondur, deputy chairman of the Interagency Coordinating Group on Roma Strategy under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine


Topic: "Recent changes in legislation regarding alimony requisition"

Mykola Kuleba, Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for Children's Rights
Oleh Prostybozhenko, lawyer, head of the Center for Family and Legal Studies, Head of the Section of economic and moral disputes of the Ukrainian Bar Association
Hanna Haro, lawyer, PhD, Chairman of Family law Committee of Ukrainian public organization “Association of Advocates of Ukraine»
Svitlana Savytska, lawyer, PhD, Associate Professor of Justice Law of the Faculty of Kyiv State Maritime Academy named after hetman Petro Konashevich-Sahaydachniy