Topic: "New housing policy of Ukraine - start here and today"

Serhii Komnatny, president of the NGO "Housing Ukraine"
Serhii Bohosta, executive director of the NGO "Housing Ukraine"
Andres Jadna, chairman of the NGO "Housing Europe"


Topic: "Integration within the Association: Dynamics of the implementation of the Agreement between Ukraine and EU"

Taras Kachka, Strategic Advisor to the International Renaissance Foundation
Andrii Butin, expert of the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting
Olena Pavlenko, President of DIXI Group
Dmytro Shulga, Director of the European Program of the International Renaissance Foundation


Topic: "Implementation of presidential decrees on illegal deforestation"

Volodymyr Boreyko, Director of the Charity Organization "Kyiv Ecological and Cultural Center"
Sergey Saranov, President of the Public Organization "International Special Anti-Corruption Collegium"
Oksana Tyupa, Head of the Charity Fundation "Dyvosvit Club"