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Please support UCMC team in every day’s efforts to amplify Ukraine’s voice internationally and provide objective information about developments in Ukraine and the effect of crisis generated by Russia upon Ukraine, the region and the world.

Every moment counts in the important job of telling Ukraine’s story and truth about the situation on the ground in the face of numerous lies and propaganda spread by the Russian media. It will only take you 2 minutes to make a difference in the battle not only for Ukraine, but for peace, rule of law, international security in the region and the world.

When you contribute, you fulfill UCMC’s needs for:

Day to day operational costs, such as venue and equipment rent for holding 4 to 7 daily press briefings;
External outreach activities for English-, French-, and German-speaking audiences in Europe and North America;
Internal outreach activities for the Russian-speaking audiences, with a primary focus on the South-East of Ukraine;
Monitoring, analysis, research, translation, digital communications and other activities
UCMC will post monthly reports on all proceeds raised via the individual donations here.