Topic: "Statement by members of the Rock Climbing and Mountaineering Federation about sexual harassment"

Pavlo Vekla, rock climber athlete (via Skype)
Gennady Kopiyka, member of the Presidium of the Rock climbing and mountaineering Federation of Ukraine
Saad Shadi, managing director of Saad Legal, advocate of Paul Vekla
Margaryta Kadieva, rock climbing coach


Topic: “The taste and salt of Ukrainian cuisine”

Olga Vieru, Director of the Ukrainian House
Yevgen Klopotenko, culinary expert, co-founder of restaurant "In 100 years ago"
Larysa Latipova, partner of the cultural project Osvita Market
Olena Morentsova, creative producer of Ganzafilm Production
Larysa Mudrak, President of Win Win Communication, CEO of FBN-Ukraine
Maryna Senchylo, ethnographer, founder of Dream of Mary Company