Topic: “Start of all-Ukrainian projects “Mystetski Zhnyva 2018” and “Museum of Ukrainian Folk Song”

Svitlana Kucherenko, curator of “Mystetski Zhnyva-2018”
Ruslana Lotsman, project director, “Museum of Ukrainian Folk Song”
Valentyna Kovalska, singer, merited artist of Ukraine


Topic: “ International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: Does Ukrainian Government take into account the ongoing armed conflict?”

Taras Tsymbrivskyi, Director of USAID Program “Human Rights in Action” implemented by Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union
Olena Semyorkina, analyst, Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union
Olena Protsenko, lawyer, Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union


Topic: “Outcome of the Constituate meeting of Public Council at the Ministry on Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine: why the Minister changed his decision?”

Liliya Veryovkina, head of NGO “Ukraine Needs You”
Svitlana Oleynikova, head of NGO “International Agency for Change”
Volodymyr Shylov, member of the Board, NGO “Ukrainian People’s Council of Donetsk and Luhansk Regions”
Larysa Zalyvna, Luhansk women human rights NGO “Chaika”
Olena Stefurak, advisor to the Director of "Charity foundation for Help to battalion"Donbas""
Oleg Peretyaka, journalist, Head of NGO "Citizens for Transparent Actions of the Government"
Igor Miroshnychenko, Head of NGO "Erlait"