Topic: “Reforms in energy sector and environment: results of 2019”

Svitlana Holikova, expert of the “Energy reforms” coalition
Illya Poluliakh, expert of the “Energy reforms” coalition
Roman Nitsovych, research director, DiXi Group
Gennadiy Ryabtsev, expert of the “Energy reforms” coalition
Natalia Andrusevych, head of the Boards, Resource and Analysis Center “Society and Environment”
Tetyana Boyko, coordinator of energy programs, Civil Network “OPORA”
Oleksandra Gumeniuk, expert of the Association ”European-Ukrainian Energy Agency”


Topic: “Award of anti-prize for sexism in politics and media”

Andriy Kulykov, media expert, co-founder of “Hromadske Radio”, head of the Commission for Journalist Ethics
Tamara Martseniuk, gender expert, Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union
Yelyzaveta Kuzmenko, NGO “Women in Media”
Iryna Vyrtosu, journalist of the Center for Human Rights ZMINA
Natalia Ligachova, Head of the Board, NGO “Detector Media”
Iryna Slavinska, gender coordinator of “Povaha” campaign


Anti-corruption party

Andriy Andrushkiv, project director of NGO “Centre UA”, communications director of the Reanimation Package of Reforms Secretariat in 2014-2015, graduate of the Ukrainian Catholic University
Olesya Drashkaba, creative strategist of Ukaine Crisis Media Center, chief editor of media for critical thinking Uchoose.info
Moderator: Marta Bilas, head of UCMC Press Center