Topic: "Museums-memory-society: hushed up history"

Igor Poshyvaylo, Director of the National Museum of the Revolution of Dignity
Linda Norris, program director of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience, USA
Anastasia Haidukevych, Head of Museum, issues unit of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance
Lesia Hasydzhak, Deputy Director of the National Museum "Memorial to Holodomor victims"
Ivan Kovalchuk, CEO of the “National Museum of Ukraine in World War II. Memorial”
Vitalii Nachmanovych, historian, etnopolitologist, executive secretary of the Public Committee "Babi Yar"
Moderator: Kateryna Chyeva, International Council of Museums, the National Committee of the Blue Shield


Col. Andriy Lysenko, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine spokesperson on ATO-related issues


Topic: "Volunteers present mobile application that will collect money for ATO zone"

Vitalii Deynega, founder of the NGO "Povernys zhyvym"
Sergii Zhadan, writer, author of the song "Kolyskova"
Sasha Koltsova (band "Kryhitka"), singer of the song "Kolyskova”
Oleg Kadanov, singer and author of music to the song "Kolyskova"
Artem Karelin, author of the application idea


Topic: "Presentation of the program "Music Char-Tvorinnya" of the band "KURBASY"

Natalia Rybka-Parkhomenko, vocalist
Myroslava Rachynska, vocalist
Maria Kopytchak, vocalist


Topic: "Presentation of draft changes to the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses"

Andrii Teteruk, MP of Ukraine (faction "People’s Front")
Yevhenii Krapivin, expert of the Expert Group "Police under control"
Taras Huk, expert of the NGO "Lead Office"


Topic: “Russian military aggression in eastern Ukraine”

Vilyen Pidgornyy, MOD Spokesperson
Note: briefing is given in English only