Topic: "Press Conference on World Cancer Day"

Andriy Semivolos, Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine
Elina Dahle, WHO Health Advisor
Natalia Chorna, oncologist at the National Cancer Institute
Alona Goroshko, representative of the NHSU


Topic: "Online information about the spread of coronavirus infection 2019-nCoV"



Topic: "What is the new law on war criminals and when will they be adopted?"

Denys Monastyrsky, Chairman of the Law Enforcement Committee
Oleksandra Matviychuk, Head of the Center for Civil Liberties
Anton Korynevych, Permanent Representative of the President in Crimea
Konstantin Zadoya, Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Law and Criminology, Kyiv National University
Oleksands Hryshchenko, ex-prisoner of SDDLO
Viktoriia Mozhova, expert of Ukrainian Institute of Future