Topic: “New model of funding for Ukrainian hospitals: prospects and risks”

Serhiy Dyachenko, deputy director of the Center of Medical Statistics at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, WHO consultant on expenditures accounting and analysis
Ruslan Radchenko, deputy director of Poltava District Clinical Hospital at Poltava District Council
Volodymyr Ivchuk, senior advisor of Agency for Healthcare Development, national trainer for support of healthcare reform and introduction of Australian DRG
Yevhen Prylypko, head and Board member, Association “Electronic Healthcare System in Ukraine”


Topic: “HIV/AIDS affected teenagers in Ukraine: presentation of political agenda and of the research on violation of their rights”

Valeria Zubatenko, manager of the network of teenagers paralawyers
Oleksandr Dmitriev, director of the project for development of paralawуers network
Liudmyla Pilyavska, director of Kyiv Right Bank Center for Children and Teenagers with AIDS