Topic: ”Ukrainian youth showed solidarity with political prisoners in Crimea and the Crimean Tatar people”

Eskander Bariev, chairman of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center, member of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people
Arthur Kharytonov, president of Liberal Democratic League of Ukraine
Roman Leuta, general secretary of Liberal Democratic League of Ukraine
LUKA, artist (one of the performers at a charity concert)


Topic: ”Ecological Agenda of Presidential Candidates”

Iryna Chernysh, participant of ”Save Dnipro” initiative
Artem Romanyukov, chairman of the Board of the NGO ”Public Control”
Ivanna Davydenko, communications manager of NGO ”Ukraine without garbage”
Tamaru Harchylavu, coordinator of work with local communities of NGO ”Ecodiya”
Roman Zinchenko, co-founder of NGO ”Greencubator”
Oleh Savitsky, co-founder of the NGO ”One Planet”