“Musicians against climate change: statement of “Tin Sontsya” band for the protection of Ukrainian steppes”

Oleksiy Vasyliuk, Head of NGO “Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group”
Oleksiy Maruschak, herpetologist, PhD student at Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology
Serhiy Vasyliuk, frontman of “Tin Sontsya”
Tetyana Shamina, communications officer of Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group


Topic: “Presentation of UN report on human rights situation in Ukraine”

Matilda Bogner, Head of UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine


Topic: “Formula of a Ukrainian river: results of chemical research of the Siversky Donets and the Dnister basins, new risks and prospects”

Mykhaylo Khorev, Acting Head of the State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine
Mykhaylo Malkov, Deputy Coordinator of FAO Programs in Ukraine
Valerii Stankevych, Head of Laboratoty of Soil and Waste Hygiene, Doctor of Medical Science, Senior Researcher of Marzeev Institute of Public Health
Vitaliy Bashinskyi, FAO Expert on Antimicrobial Resistance
Tamara Kutonova, Regional Coordinator of the GEF Dniester Project, OSCE
Andrii Dziubenko, Spokesman of the OSCE Project Coordinator


Topic: “Curators Council of the specialized children hospital “OHMATDYT” on the risks of infection for patients in serious conditions”

Victoria Siumar, MP (“European Solidarity” faction)
Hanna Hopko, MP of the 8th convocation, head of the ANTS Network for National Interests, member of OHMATDYT Curators Council
Olha Kudinenko, founder of International charity foundation “Tabletochky”
Maryna Horobeyko, Deputy Chief Medical Officer at OHMATDYT