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    #KremlinNarratives: “Ukraine Is Turning into a Colony”

    Viktor Medvedchuk – a well-known pro-Russian actor in Ukraine – is spreading here the most prolific of #KremlinNarratives – “Ukraine is controlled from the outside”. Recently his party organized a paid protest near American embassy in Kyiv with the similar messaging. The fake protest later received maximum coverage on all Medvedchuk-affiliated TV channels. All these destabilizing actions […] More

  • #KremlinNarratives of Dmytro Spivak: "The US covers up for the far-right"
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    #KremlinNarratives of Dmytro Spivak: “The US covers up for the far-right”

    In the latest #KremlinNarratives Dmytro Spivak, a frequent guest at Medvedchuk’s channels, is spreading a conspiracy that the US embassy is conspiring with right-wing radicals to destabilize Ukraine. This speech has not only anti-United States sentiments, but also anti-NATO ones, which have long been some of the favorite targets of pro-Kremlin lobby in Ukraine. Such […] More

  • #KremlinNarratives: Iryna Palamar "COVID-19 Is Created to Make Humanity More Obedient"
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    #KremlinNarratives: Iryna Palamar “COVID-19 Was Created to Make Humanity More Obedient”

    Pro-Kremlin actors like Iryna Palamar here are currently spreading a conspiratorial notion that puts the scope of COVID-19 pandemic in question. Russian disinformation is dangerous at all times, but this new tactic can be outright deadly if the audience buys into it and lowers their safety standards. Putting people’s lives directly at risk to promote […] More

  • #KremlinNarratives: Viktor Medvedchuk on the free-trade zone
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    #KremlinNarratives: Viktor Medvedchuk on the free-trade zone

    In latest #KremlinNarratives we have Viktor Medvedchuk, who is pushing the message that Ukraine is rejecting integration with CIS and Russia because it is “controlled by the West”. Pro-Kremlin actors seemingly ignore the fact that European and Euroatlantic support in Ukraine is growing with the latest poll putting it at 64,2% and 51% respectively. They […] More

  • #KremlinNarratives: Mykhailo Pohrebinsky on anti-constitutional coup
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    #KremlinNarratives: Mykhailo Pohrebinsky on anti-constitutional coup

    Pro-Kremlin actors like Mykhailo Pogrebinsky here are always disseminating #KremlinNarratives about grassroots protests and blaming “the West”. This speech is particularly cynical, however, because it completely absolves Russia of occupying Ukrainian territories and shifts blame to Ukraine itself. Additionally, Pogrebinsky is manipulating the fact, since ex-president Poroshenko, who is also blamed here for the Revolution […] More

  • #KremlinNarratives: Volodymyr Bystriakov on Ethnic Groups

    #KremlinNarratives: Volodymyr Bystriakov on Ethnic Groups

    Meet Volodymyr Bystriakov, yet another promoter of #KremlinNarratives on Medvedchuk-affiliated channels, who has also previously claimed that that Russia did not occupy Crimea. This quote, which starkly misuses the American example, promotes an idea of Ukrainian “federalization”, which is very appealing to Kremlin that wants to have direct influence on Kyiv through its proxies in […] More

  • #KremlinNarratives: Volodymyr Katsman on the West
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    #KremlinNarratives: Volodymyr Katsman on the West

    In our latest #KremlinNarratives meet Volodymyr Katsman, a so-called political expert and journalist, who frequents Medvedchuk’s channels to promote the idea of “horrible West”. This message of Ukraine as a failed state and a colony of Western countries has been particularly prominent on pro-Russian outlets lately, which can be possibly tied to upcoming local elections […] More

  • #KremlinNarratives: Renat Kuzmin on Russian aggression
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    #KremlinNarratives: Renat Kuzmin on Russian Aggression

    Renat Kuzmin, an MP of Medvedchuk’s party “Opposition platform – For life”, is promoting one of older #KremlinNarratives about the war Russia wages on Ukraine. It is a two-fold strategy that aims to prove Ukrainian government has ulterior motives for the continuation of the war and thus should not be trusted regardless of which political […] More

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