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    #UkraineExplained: Discovering Ukrainian Architecture

    Breathing with eclecticism and collective memory, Ukrainian architecture, to some extent, turns Ukrainian cities into intricate palimpsests. In the city labyrinth, every block remembers different historical eras — from the middle ages to modernity.  With all its polyethnic intertextuality, rich history, imperial heritage, and colonial traumas, Ukrainian architecture remains unique and full of surprises — […] More

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    #UkraineExplained: Discovering New Ukrainian Music

    New Ukrainian Music As Go-A keeps conquering the music charts all over the world after the Eurovision song contest, the world community keeps discovering new Ukrainian music. Every musical genre can be a journey to the heart of music but we prepared a brief overview of the most common trends that will help to feel […] More

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    Positive Narratives About Ukraine Are an Effective Response to Russian Disinformation – Experts

    Positive narratives about Ukraine are an effective response to Russian disinformation. The experts claimed this during a discussion within the #UkraineExplained project at the Press Center of Ukraine Crisis Media Center. The event was dedicated to discussing the challenges and opportunities the Ukrainian authorities and civil society face in developing a truthful, fact-based positive communication […] More

  • Ukrainian Architecture
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    Ukrainian Architecture

    Architecture is not just bricks and walls, it’s first and foremost a reservoir of knowledge about people. Exploring Ukrainian architecture is a great way to better understand the evolution of Ukrainian identity through the centuries of the country’s rich history. To help you on this marvelous journey, we prepared this infographic with: the most noticeable […] More

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    Ukraine Explained: Ukrainian Architecture

    The diversity of Ukrainian architecture is fascinating: from the grandness of Byzantine-style churches to the solemnity of modernist masterpieces. Yet, the national authenticity remains visible in each style and tradition. This is especially palpable in the phenomenon of vernacular (folk) architecture. The houses built in different parts of Ukraine have their own staple features that […] More

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    New Ukrainian Music

    New Ukrainian music is not just about bold blending of genres, styles, new melodies and rhythms (although it’s worth diving into solely for them). It’s also about developing national identity, seeking social change, and more… We have prepared an infographic that will help to understand what the contemporary musical phenomenon of Ukraine is all about […] More

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    Fashionable Ukraine: Introduction to Key Designers and Brands

    As Ukrainian fashion becomes more and more visible on the international runways and local fashionista increasingly favor the “made-in-Ukraine” labels, it is rather easy to get lost in the ever-changing world of new trends, names and brands. They inspire, but they also represent: freedom, creativity, ability to challenge and reimagine the established standards – the […] More

  • Introducing Ukrainian designers & brands
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    Introducing Ukrainian Designers and Brands

    The recent years have brought an upsurge in the Ukrainian fashion industry. The made-in-Ukraine brands managed to use the national support and international attention to the country to win the hearts of audiences both at home and abroad. We have chosen 6 Ukrainian designers and brands, whose innovative approach and unique ways of reinventing traditional […] More

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    Ukraine Explained: Rediscovering Ukrainian Avant-garde

    You can find the video by clicking on this link. What shaped the phenomenon of Ukrainian avant-garde that continues to be admired years and years on? The influence of European modernism is undeniable, but what made this art movement truly unique were the national traditions, customs, and identity of Ukraine. This can be seen in […] More

  • Ukrainian Avant-garde
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    Top 10 Facts on Ukrainian Avant-garde

    Did you know that a cult figure of Ukrainian avant-garde, Oleksandra Exter, personally knew Pablo Picasso? Or that Ukrainian artists were the founders of such revolutionary movements as Cubo­-Futurism, Constructivism, Panfuturism, and Spektralizm? Continuing our exploration of Ukrainian avant-garde as part of the #UkraineExplained project, we invite you to check the top facts about this […] More

  • Three Key Trends of Ukrainian Avant-garde
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    Three Key Trends of Ukrainian Avant-garde

    Ukrainian avant-garde didn’t have a lot of time to blossom – the art movement lasted for approximately 20 years, in 1910-1930s. Within this short period it managed to shock, amaze and make a powerful impact that attracted international attention. Even the term itself was coined by a French art historian Andréi Nakov – which happened […] More

  • Rediscovering origins of Kazymyr Malevych
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    Rediscovering Origins of Kazymyr Malevych

    Almost 150 years later, Kazymyr Malevych remains one of the most legendary avant-garde artists in the world. His “Black Square” (which was, by the way, actually made in 4 different versions at least) still sparks passionate debates about the nature of art. Yet, despite being known for this minimalist masterpiece – or similarly complicated in its […] More

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