Topic: “Canadian Medical Team Returned to Ukraine to Undertake a Fifth Medical Mission”

Dr. Oleh Antonyshyn, Head of the Adult Craniofacial Program at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Professor of Plastic Surgery, University of Toronto.
Khrystina Waler, Director of Humanitarian Initiatives, Canada-Ukraine Foundation.
Maj.Gen. Andrii Verba, Director of Military Medical Department of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.
Victor Hetmanczuk, President of the Canada-Ukraine Foundation
Col. Ihor Fedirko, Director of the Craniofacial Surgery and Dentistry Clinic at the Ministry of Defence Main Clinical Military Hospital
Cap. Andrey Sidorenko, US Army


Topic: “Occupation - calling things as they are” (discussion on the legislative regulation of the status of the temporarily occupied territories)

Mustafa Nayyem, Initiator of the draft law on the legal status of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, Member of Parliament of Ukraine
Marten Ehnberg, Head of the Council of Europe office in Ukraine
Mykola Gnatovskyy, Associate Professor at the Department of International law, Institute of international relations, International Committee of the Red Cross representative
Olga Aivazovska, chairman of the Ukrainian public association "Civil Network "OPORA"
Tamila Tasheva, founder and coordinator of the civil initiative Krym SOS” (Crimea SOS)
Oleksandra Dvoretska, coordinator of the charity foundation “Vostok SOS”


Col. Andriy Lysenko, Ministry of Defense spokesperson on ATO related issues


Topic: "Evaluation of law-enforcement agencies work during the anniversary of shooting of Heavenly Hundred"

Mykhailo Kamenev, human rights expert at the “No to police state” coalition, former lawyer of the National Police of Ukraine
Ihor Lutsenko, MP (“Batkivshyna”)
Mykhailo Lebid, human rights expert at the “No to police state” coalition


Topic: “Russian military aggression in eastern Ukraine”

Vilyen Pidgornyy, MOD spokesperson
Note: briefing is given in English only