Topic: “Ministry of Defense of Ukraine: updates on the activities over the past 3 days”

Col. Dmytro Gutsulyak, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine spokesperson


Topic: "Speed as road safety problem: the results of studies and proposals of changes in public policy"

Oksana Sudoryk, expert of international research company Ipsos
Taras Shevchenko, director of the Center for Democracy and rule of law
Victor Zagreba, advocacy manager of campaign “For safe roads", founder of the NGO "Vision Zero"
Olesya Holopik, coordinator of the campaign "For safe roads" senior project manager of the Center for Democracy and rule of law


Topic: "Maya and her mother" by Larysa Denysenko, Ukraine's first children's book about different families"

Larysa Denysenko, Ukrainian writer, radio-host, lawyer
Liliya Omelyanenko, co-founder of the publishing house "Vydavnytstvo"
Masha Foya, illustrator


Topic: "Public suggestions on draft of the Action Plan of the Ministry of temporarily occupied territories on Crimea and illegal detention of lawyers on March 13 by Russian militaries at the administrative border with Crimea"

Andriy Iwanets, coordinator of the NGO "Taurian Humanitarian Platform"
Valentyna Potapova, deputy head of the Center for civil education "Almenda"


Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine spokesperson on ATO-related issues


Topic: "Start of spring All-Ukrainian social action "Flat under custody 2017"

Sergiy Budnyk, head of the Department of Police Security, police General of third rank
Sergiy Kiforuk, deputy head of the Technical Service of the Department of Police Security
Victor Veklych, deputy chief of the Police Security unit in Kyiv, police colonel
Natalia Storozhyk, Department of Police Security spokesperson


Topic: "Return of hostages and political prisoners to Ukraine: lawyers require a new format"

Nadiya Volkova, lawyer of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union
Alina Pavlyuk, lawyer of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union
Lyudmyla Hlondar, sister of prisoner Serhiy Hlondar
Tamara Klyh, mother of illegally held in Russia Stanislav Klyh
Maria Tomak, coordinator of Media initiative for human rights


15-00 Topic: "Who has the right to deprive Ukrainians of Ukrainian citizenship?"

Violeta Muskalu, PhD, author and co-founder of Global Ukrainians Network Myhailo Vynnytskyi, professor of the National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" and Ukrainian Catholic University
Albert Feldman, director of the Ukraine-Israel Institute of Strategic Studies of Golda Meir
Volodymyr Panchenko, director of "Agency of Dnipro development"
Pavlo Kyshkar, MP of Ukraine
Roman Rubchenko, chairman of the Association of Professional Government (PGA)