Topic: "Ukrainian startups for united local communities"

Barry Reed, DOBRE program manager
Natalia Zakharchenko, specialist in organizational development of DOBRE program
Denys Hurskyi, head of the NGO SocialBoost and co-founder of the 1991 Open Data Incubator
Evheniia Klepa, executive director of the 1991 Open Data Incubator


Topic: "Chornobyl Renaissance - festival, opening touristic Chornobyl Polissia to the world"

Maryna Beschastna, rural village head of Prybirsk
Yurii Yahusevych, head of the NGO "Chornobyl Renaissance"
Dmytro Hlukhenkyi, director
Ruslana Lotsman, Honored Artist of Ukraine
Serhii Myrnyi, scientific advisor of the Chornobyl-tour


Topic: "Ukraine under external pressure: government promotes language of minorities to damage national interests and the security of Ukraine"

Larysa Nitsoi, member of the Coordination Council on use of the Ukrainian language in all spheres of life
Olena Rozvadovska, human rights activist


Col. Andriy Lysenko, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine spokesperson on ATO-related issues


Topic: "Museification of the Teacher's House /House of the Central Council and the danger of bringing it to the condition of emergency"

Andrii Ivanets, Ph.D., coordinator of Tauride humanitarian platform, member of the All-Ukrainian public organization "Union of the IDPs"
Mykhailo Kovalchuk, Ph.D., senior researcher of the M.S. Hrushevsky Institute of Ukrainian Archaeography and Source Studies


Topic: "Presentation of the music project ‘MARIOLOGIA’”

Olha Prykhodko, art director of the vocal band "Alter Ratio"
Maksym Shalyhin, modern Ukrainian composer
Sviatoslav Lunev, modern Ukrainian composer
Oleksii Retynskyi, modern Ukrainian composer
Maksym Kolomiets, modern Ukrainian composer