Topic: "Protection of the nature reserve fund - myth or reality. On example of Turatynskyi heath"

Oleksiy Vasyluk, researcher at the I. Shmalgauzen Institute of zoology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Katheryna Poljanska, environmentalist of the ICO "Environment-People-Law"
Sofia Shutyak, senior counsel of the ICO "Environment-People-Law"


Topic: "Environmental pollution by pesticides and ensuring control over its use, prohibition of acetochlorine in Ukraine"

Serhiy Lukyanchuk, director of environmental safety department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine
Bohdan Lymar, resident of Rivne region, which is recognized as victim within the criminal proceedings as a result of environmental contamination with pesticides, chairman of the Union of beekeepers of Rivne and Rivne region
Alla Voytsihovska, ecologist of the ICO "Environment-People-Law"
Natalia Kuts, counsel of the ICO "Environment-People-Law"
Victor Kaminskyi, resident of Rivne region who suffered as a result of pollution


Topic: "Every third candidate for judge of the High Council of Justice has the dubious reputation. "Blacklist"

Taras Shevchenko, director of the Center for democracy and the rule of law, co-founder of the movement "CHESNO"
Vitaly Shabunin, chairman of the Center for Combating Corruption
Ivan Piatak, senior analyst of the campaign "CHESNO " Filter the court!
Kateryna Budko, “Automaidan" activist, "Prosud" project


Topic: "Concept of reforming the State Environmental Inspection of Ukraine - end of control and environment"

Alla Voytsihovska, ecologist of the ICO "Environment-People-Law"
Natalia Kuts, counsel of the ICO "Environment-People-Law"
Sofia Shutyak, Senior counsel of the ICO "Environment-People-Law"


Topic: "Start of charity event "I want to see life"

Daryna Sydorova, regional representative of the Foundation "Heart to Heart" in Kyiv and the region
Evgenia Baranska, member of the supervisory board of the Foundation "Heart to Heart"
Serhiy Rykov, head of the ophthalmology department of the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education
Lubov Gusak, best volunteer of the action (2012, 2013, 2014)


Topic: "Presentation of the activity of national "hot line" on combating domestic violence, human trafficking and gender discrimination of the NGO "La Strada-Ukraine" in 2016"

Kateryna Levchenko, president of the NGO "La Strada-Ukraine"
Olga Kalashnyk, vice president of the NGO "La Strada-Ukraine"
Alona Kryvulyak, coordinator of the National hotlines of the NGO "La Strada-Ukraine"


Topic: "Health improvement and psychological rehabilitation of children from east Ukraine in the camp "Lisova zastava"

Iryna Sazonova, chairman of the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation "For the right to life", senior psychologist of the camp for children "Lisova zastava"
Children who rest in the camp "Lisova zastava"


Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine spokesperson on ATO-related issues


Topic: "Kyiv period" of Malevich in New York. Epilogue"

Tatiana Filevska, researcher, author and compiler of the idea of the book “Kazymyr Malevych. The Kyiv Period 1928-1930”
Lydia Lykhach, director of the publishing house "Rodovid"
Pavlo Bilodid, manager of artistic projects of Kyiv-Mohyla Business School
Lyudmyla Zubko, philanthropist
Olesya Drashkaba, creative director of the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center