Topic: «Creation of High Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine»

Mark L. Wolf, Senior United States District
Judge, Chair of Integrity Initiatives International
Yegor Sobolev, MP («Samopomich» faction), Member of the Parliamentary Committee on Prevention of Corruption


Topic: «The results of the annual International Week for the prevention of lead poisoning in Ukraine: the prohibition of use of lead in paint!»

Iryna Rudenko, acting director of the Public Health Department of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
Denys Pavlovsky, manager on chemical safety projects of Ukrainian Environmental NGO «MAMA-86»
Olexander Brichko, executive director of the Association of Ukrainian Manufacturers of Paint and Paint Products


Topic: «Increase of measles morbidity in Ukraine after the beginning of the school year»

Volodymyr Kurpita, general director of the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine