Topic: "6th Anniversary of Revolution of Dignity: SIB and OPGU Report on events of February 18,19,20, 2014"

Olexiy Donsky, Senior Prosecutor of the Office of Prosecutor General of Ukraine
Artem Jablonsky, investigator of the State Investigation Bureau
Yuriy Aksenin, Head of NGO “Family of Heroes of Heavenly Hundred”
Eugeniia Zakrevska, lawyer of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes' families


Topic: "The First All-Ukrainian Student Forum "Heritage. Reloading"

Vitaliy Biletsky, member of the UTOPIC Main Board, founder of the Kyiv River Gate Historical and Cultural Center
Olga Rutkowsk, a true ICOMOS member, founder of Heritage Time
Oksana Bogoslovets, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor of the Department of Regional Studies and Tourism, Deputy Head of the Department
Halyna Voitsehovska, Honored Worker of Culture, Director of the V. Zabolotny State Scientific Architectural and Construction Library


Тема: «Оперативна інформація про поширення коронавірусної інфекції 2019-nCoV»

Віктор Ляшко, заступник Міністра охорони здоров'я України