Topic: "Results of monitoring of parliamentary elections in Ukraine and manipulation of Ukrainian media during elections"

Igor Bondarchuk, Head of the Human Rights Monitoring Group of the NGO "Stop Corruption"
Olexander Chekmyshev, professor of the Institute of Journalism of the Shevchenko KNU
Maryna Suprun, editor of the regional news of the "Stop Corruption" NGO


Topic: "Never give up and move to the goal: the experience of the community, which has overcome the sabotage of reform and has become self-sufficient"

Mykola Antoshyk, chairman of the Pomichnyanskaya ATC


Topic: "For the name of one: when will the law on missing persons disappear"

Olexander Romantsov, Executive Director of the Center for Civil Liberties
Yadviga Lozynska, chairman of the Association of Missing Persons "Nadiya"
Mustafa Nayem, MP, one of the authors of the Law "On Missing Persons"
Bohdan Melnykovych, lawyer of Vostok-SOS, organization-initiator of the draft law "On Missing Persons"