Topic: "Results of the All-Ukrainian tour "Innovate": What do Ukrainians demand from the medical reform?"

Ulana Suprun, Acting Minister of Health of Ukraine
Inna Borzylo, Executive Director of "Center UA" NGO
Oleksandr Yabchanka, medical reform expert of the Reanimation Package of Reforms group


Topic: "Cancellation of parliamentary immunity"

Mustafa Nayem, Member of Parliament of Ukraine (faction “Petro Poroshenko Bloc”)
Svitlana Zalishchuk, Member of Parliament of Ukraine (faction “Petro Poroshenko Bloc")
Taras Shevchenko, Head of the Center for Democracy and Rule of Law
Halyna Yanchenko, Chairman of the Board of the "Anticorruption Headquarters" NGO


Col. Andriy Lysenko, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine spokesperson on ATO-related issues


Topic: "Making trends out of Ukrainian brands: the results of V Global Ukrainians Forum”

Violeta Moskalu, Ph.D, expert on public administration and international development, Head of International Organization "Global Ukraine"
Anna Zharova, co-founder of "Israeli Friends of Ukraine" NGO, Director General of the Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance, Development Manager at NEO.VC
Inna Shemet, administrator of FB group "Ukrainians of Portugal"
Oksana Albi, representative of the Ukrainian community in Ireland, Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce in Ireland
Svitlana Lukasevych, co-founder of "Alumni Fund Ukraine" Charity Organization (Switzerland)
Albert Feldman, director of the Golda Meir Ukrainian-Israeli Institute for strategic studies
Victor Kmita, Head of XM ^ Online company


Topic: “Russian military aggression in eastern Ukraine”

Vilyen Pidgornyy, MOD Spokesperson
Note: briefing is given in English only