Topic: “Patients send 500 ‘life packages’ to President and MPs as a request to support ‘patients’ bills’”

Olha Stephanyshyna, executive director of the charity foundation “Patients of Ukraine”
Daria Nastenko, pregnant woman
Dmytro Sherembei, chairman of the Coordination Council of all-Ukrainian Network of People with HIV


Topic: “Online platform www.sosfuture.com.ua starts its work”

Natalia Zabolotna, activist, founder of Art Ukraine Foundation
Kateryna Smahlii, director of Kennan Institute Kyiv Office
Larysa Mudrak, journalist, essay writer, Ukraine’s representative in the Central European Initiative
Yanina Havrylova, head of the Board, Ukrainian Tourist Guides Association
Georgiy Deyev, partner, development director at Volta Agency
Otari Arutiunian, directing partner of Volta Agency
Mykhailo Sagaydak, archaeologist
Olena Tereshchenko, public figure of the "Public Chamber"


Topic: “Orphan patients in Ukraine. Contemporary treatment of tuberous sclerosis: the right to normal life”

Andriy Gavryliuk, acting director of Medical Department, Ministry of Health of Ukraine
Tetiana Kulesha, head of the Council of Public Union “Orphan diseases in Ukraine”
Iryna Hladun, head of the NGO “Ukrainian Association for support of patients with tuberous sclerosis”
Oksana Yurynets, MP (“Petro Poroshenko Block” faction)
Liudmyla Verbova, PhD in Medicine, neurosurgeon at Pediatric Neurosurgery Department, Romodanov Institute of Neurosurgery at the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine
Olena Savchenko, director of Pediatric Neurology Department, National Special Pediatric Clinic “OHMATDYT”
Tamara Yarmoliuk, neurologist at a state-run clinic “Ukrainian medical rehabilitation center for children with organic disorders of nervous system” at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
Stella Kushnirenko, PhD in Medicine, lecturer at the Chair of Nephrology, Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education


Col. Andriy Lysenko, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine spokesperson on ATO-related issues


Public discussion: “How state enterprises harm Ukrainian economy”

Natalia Leschenko, economist, CASE Ukraine
Petro Bilian, editor of economic section at “Dilova Stolytsia” and “Vlast Deneg”
Volodymyr Fedorin, co-founder of Bendukidze Free Market Center
Dmytro Boiarchuk, executive director of CASE Ukraine
Dmytro Yablonovskyi, senior economist at the Center for Economic Strategy
Pavlo Rizanenko, MP (“Petro Poroshenko Block” faction)
Oleg Havrysh, editor of economic program “Persha Shpalta” at UA:Pershyi
Jaroslav Tashuta, Deputy Director of the Finance Department of Defense, law enforcement and national security of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine
Andriy Gerus, member of "The Price of the State"


Topic: “Russian military aggression in eastern Ukraine”

Vilyen Pidgornyy, MOD Spokesperson
Note: briefing is given in English only