Topic: “Presentation of the UN Social Cohesion and Reconciliation Index for eastern Ukraine (USE): 2018 results”

Stan Veitsman, UN Peace and Development Advisor
Ildar Gazizullin, USE team lead
Darina Solodova, USE data analyst


Topic: “How open data helps to fight corruption: achievements of 2018 and plans for 2019”

Diana Zubko, Project Director, “Enhanced Public Sector Transparency and Integrity”, UN Development Program
Vasyl Zadvornyi, Director General of the state enterprise “ProZorro”
Natalia Forsiuk, Director of the National Secretariat, CoST Ukraine; UNDP expert
Moderator: Nadiya Babynska-Virna, UNDP open data expert


Topic: “Batteries, give up” initiative to close volunteer network and switch to European model of collecting batteries for recycling”

Liubov Kolosovska, head of the initiative
Ihor Dembinskyi, deputy director of the section for electrical installation equipment, store network “Epicenter K”
Kateryna Veremeyeva, PR-director, Watsons Ukraine