Security panel

Moderator: Roman Sinitsyn
- Which steps will your party take to reform Ukroboronprom?
- Do you support the idea of changing the Minsk format?
- How will you work to preserve/strengthen sanctions against Russia?


Economic panel

Moderator: Oksana Sokolova
- Will your party continue to cooperate with the IMF?
- How does your party plan to fight monopolies? Do you guarantee the independence of the regulators - National Bank, Antimonopoly Committee, NKREKP, National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting?
- Will your political force support lifting of the moratorium on land sales?
- Manual regulation of gas and electricity prices: pros and cons?


Culture and infomation panel

Moderator: Leonid Maruschak
- Does your party plan to put an end or revise the existing policy of de-communisation in Ukraine?
- What is your attitude to the "Ukrainian language law" and to the language quotas in general?
- Do you support potential and existing prohibition of information and entertainment resources that contain Russian propaganda?