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12-30 Col. Andriy Lysenko, the National Security and Defense Council information center spokesman

13-00 Topic: ”Role of the Union for Assistance to Ukraine’s Defense” in strengthening of Ukraine’s defensive capacity”
Viktor Tymchenko, Head of the Union for Assistance to Ukraine’s Defense
Yuriy Chyzhmar, Chief of the Unit of military and patriotic work and assistance for territory defense
Yaroslav Babych, Chief of mobilization center, “Azov” volunteer battalion
Taras Kovalyk, “Aidar” battalion
Sergiy Romanovskyi, company command, 80th airmobile brigade
Rafael Liukmanov, trainer, Union for Assistance to Ukraine’s Defense

13-30 Topic: “Resocialization as a part of the National security”
General Oleksandr Kryvenko, acting Сommander-in-chief of the National Guard of Ukraine
Leaders of psychological service, National Guard of Ukraine
Yevgen Lokhmatov, Civil Platform project “New Country”
Olena Ganiak-Kaskiv, Head of Ukrainian Center for nonviolent communication and reconciliation “Space of Dignity”

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