State medical examining board: Nadiya Savchenko’s condition is satifactory

State medical examining board: Nadiya Savchenko’s condition is satifactory
March 16, 2015.

Kyiv, March 16, 2015 – Imprisoned Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko’s health was in satisfactory condition as of the moment of examination by members of state medical board on March 14, 2015. Such statement was made by Nataliya Kharchenko, specialist of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, member of the state examining board, during the media briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. She informed that the board managed to meet the imprisoned pilot at second attempt only, i.e. on Saturday March 14 in the afternoon instead of March 13 as it had been planned before. Apart from Ukrainian specialists, 3 remand prison doctors, a warder and official representatives of Russian party were present during the examination.

Nataliya Kharchenko informed that all the documents pertaining to the imprisoned pilot’s health were presented by the doctors of Moscow remand prison No.1 during the visit to Nadiya Savchenko. The documents contained clear and detailed description of the run of her hunger strike. “During our visit we studied all the presented documents on Nadiya’s health condition, talked to Nadiya personally, discussed the proposals we considered vital for successful recovery from the hunger strike, amended the existing recovery plan and set up her daily ration. As of today Nadiya’s diet consists of broth, baby food and some other food necessary for correct recovery from the state of hunger”, – said Mrs. Kharchenko.

Andriy Strokan, deputy chief physician for medical issues at Feofania clinical hospital, another  member  of the board, said that while going to Moscow to visit Nadiya they did not know what to expect and what was her condition. “We wanted to conduct the most detailed examination possible and look at Nadiya’s condition the way it is, for recovery from hunger is a very serious process requiring strict medical supervision and right nutrition schedule”, – he said.

According to Larysa Sokolova, head of neurology department at O.O.Bohomolets National Medical University, as of the moment of Ukrainian experts’ visit both physical and moral conditions of the pilot were satisfactory. “Nadiya adequately assesses and controls the situation she is in at the moment. Unfortunately, she didn’t agree to sign official rejection from hunger strike”, – said Mrs. Sokolova.

It is worth while mentioning that, in Ukrainian experts’ opinion, Russian doctors adhered to generally correct strategy of Nadiya’s recovery from hunger strike. According to them, Russian colleagues showed understanding of the pilot’s treatment methods and gave a promise to stand by the assigned plan of Savchenko’s recovery from hunger strike.


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