Ukrainian media review on April 14, 2015

Ukraine continues to integrate volunteer battalions into regular army.  Therefore, Ukraine has fulfilled the Minsk protocols’ provision that required “illegal military formations” disarmament and removal from the combat zone.  During this process, claims that some volunteer battalions have violated peace process were actually confirmed.

Those who support establishing contacts with “occupied territories” and political settlement of the conflict are facing fierce resistance not only from the “war to the bitter end” supporters, but also from social networks users.  Despite that, the main focus of Donbas’ conflict resolution moved towards the peacekeeping forces deployment to the region.  Moreover, American politicians are noticeably more active and discussion regarding the possibility of lethal weapons delivery  to Ukraine has noticeably decreased.

Germany and the European allies in general are still optimistic regarding the possibility of peace settlement in Donbas and are trying to push to the next stage – to the political process.  Opponents of European leaders emphasize Russia’s unwillingness to end the conflict and its determination to transform this conflict into protracted, prolonged war.

Ukraine and Russia began negotiations on summer gas package.  Despite the good chances of reaching certain compromise, the possibility of Ukraine purchasing gas for its winter needs is still questionable due to the lack of cash.