Ukroboronprom partners with US company to produce M16 rifles

Ukroboronprom partners with US company to produce M16 rifles
Kyiv, January 03, 2017.

A company within Ukraine’s state-run defense sector Ukroboronprom announces partnership with the U.S. Aeroscraft company over production of M16 rifle in accordance with NATO standards. 

State-owned company Ukroboronservice that is part of the state-run defense sector group of companies Ukroboronprom starts small arms production in Ukraine in cooperation with the Aeroscraft and in accordance with NATO standards.Production of a U.S. small arms unit – a modernized M16 rifle based on the license by the U.S. government is to become the first project, said Volodymyr Korobov, Deputy Director General for Aircraft Industry and Operations at Ukroboronprom, Igor Pasternak, founder of Aeroscraft and Serhiy Mykytiuk, Director of Ukroboronservice at a press-briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

“This project will enhance conversion to NATO standards not only for our army but for the industry as well. As the armament comes from domestic production it will help develop our economy and our companies. It also means increased revenues to local and central level budgets as well as new working places. Ukroboronprom’s strategy today sees our products enter global markets, at the basis of their presence in these markets is the partnership with foreign investors and companies,” said Volodymyr Korobov.

Serhiy Mykytiuk noted that the automatic M16 rifle is in service in over 40 countries. While this type of small arms is being supplied to other countries here in Ukraine it will be domestically produced.

“We received this license (for production of the M16 rifle – UCMC) three weeks before the end of 2016. It comes as a sign that the U.S. government cuts the red tape so that the assistance develops as fast as possible,” said Igor Pasternak. He also emphasized that this type of small arms is in service with all NATO troops and that opening joint M16 production in Ukraine becomes an important step forward.


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