19-20 вересня, м. Київ
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UCMC press center is the only press center in Ukraine provides full-circle support of press events – briefings, conferences, presentations, round table and panel discussions – gaining no commercial advantage and working for the public good.


Topic: “For the first time a Ukrainian woman won a case of domestic violence in the European Court of Human Rights”

Natalia Karbovska, Strategic Development Director of the Ukrainian Women's Foundation
Natalia Bukhta, lawyer, representative of Iryna Levchuk
Khrystyna Kit, Chairman of the Association of Women Lawyers of Ukraine "JurFem"
Ann-Katrin Zapryanova, IREX Europe
Nadiya Stefaniv, Judge of the Supreme Court, President of the All-Ukrainian Association of Women Judges
Maryna Lehenka, Vice President of La Strada - Ukraine

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