From the very beginning, Ukraine Crisis Media Center (UCMC) was created to support Ukraine’s statehood and to promote Ukraine abroad. We have chosen a steep way of working with complex topics, and we have no illusions about the possibility of fast solutions. We understand the importance of transformations that took place in our country in recent years and recognize human sacrifices that made them possible.


A free and democratic world, with Ukraine as the integral part of the West. Ukraine is an outpost of freedom and democratic development in Eastern Europe, on which the security and future of the world democracy depends.


To steer through strategic communications Ukraine’s transition from the Revolution of Dignity to the Country of Dignity and to promote the development of a self-sufficient Ukrainian state and society. We believe that this can only be achieved together, through educational work and only in close cooperation with our international partners.


Ukrainian statehood, patriotism, courage, originality and creativity, honesty and accountability. We declare that we will never: support Russian narratives and imperialism; those, who treat Ukraine as a project; will never agree to work on Russia’s funds; or with Ukrainian businesses or politicians, who work against the sovereignty of the country; we will never lie; we will not work to the detriment of the state; we will never take part in political campaigning; we will never disinform or diminish human dignity; do what we do not believe in and we will never accept defeat. We support statesmen and stateswomen, representatives of civic organizations and free media community – an informal consortium of all those, who work for the benefit of the Ukrainian people.


Non-governmental organization Ukraine Crisis Media Center was launched in the spirit of the Revolution of Dignity in March 2014 as a rapid response to the Russian occupation of Crimea with an objective to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty and its national interests in the global information space. Since its inception, UCMC has evolved into the international strategic communications hub with active outreach to audiences both in Ukraine and abroad.

Expertise of UCMC ranges from its staple Media Center, exemplary governmental communications reform projects, full-media support to large foreign aid initiatives, in-depth work with regional journalists, communication of ongoing reforms, cultural events and happenings, youth media literacy, and complex analysis of disinformation acts in media space.

PRESS CENTER acts as a hub for added interoperability of the Organization. Regular meetings between all teams allow us to align around and amplify the most important issues encountered across organization’s spectrum to either domestic or foreign audiences.

Over the years UCMC and its various projects were supported by: Ukrainian World Foundation, USAID, NED, EED, NATO, UNICEF, German Marshall Fund/Black Sea Trust, UNHCR, International Renaissance Foundation, GIZ, Embassies of the US, Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Germany, Spirit of America, Heinrich Boll Stiftung, the Institute for Statecraft, Estonian Center for Eastern Partnership, European Values Think Tank, and others. At UCMC, we take our reputation very seriously. We maintain high professional and ethical standards in all of our activities, avoid conflicts of interest and communicate with our partners to the highest degree of excellence. Therefore, in order to prove it, UCMC and its work are subject to regular international project audits – with 13 successfully passed since 2014.