Ministry of Defense: Ukrainian Armed Forces receive new air assault parachute system

Ministry of Defense: Ukrainian Armed Forces receive new air assault parachute system
Kyiv, January 17, 2017.

Ukrainian Armed Forces received new parachute system that will be tested in February.

Ukrainian Armed Forces received Dedal air assault parachute system to their inventory. It is intended for training, operational and other jumps by individual troops or sections with standard weapons and parachute gear of airborne troops of all types from military transport aircrafts and helicopters,” said Colonel Oksana Havryliuk, head of communications and mass media department at the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

The parachute system can be used at maximum height of eight km with dome area of 83 sq. m., minimum jumping height is 100-200 m and vertical speed of descend not more than 5 m/sec. National testing of Bars tactical armored vehicle is scheduled for February.  Based on their results, a decision on the possibility to purchase these vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.  “In line with the state defense order, it is planned to purchase over 3.5 mln of pieces of ammunition and cartridges and almost 12 thousand samples of weapons, military equipment and materiel this year to supply the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” added Col. Havryliuk.

She reminded that state enterprises gave the Ministry of Defense over 154 pieces of ammunition of various purpose and about 14.5 samples of weapons, military equipment and materiel last year. “In particular, there were almost 1300 units of reactive artillery weapons, about 600 intelligence and surveillance systems, almost 70 pieces of armor and equipment, over 400 vehicles, aircrafts, helicopters and radar systems,” said the spokesperson.


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