Authors, anchormen: Army FM plans to establish contacts between the military and the civilians

Kyiv, March 27, 2017.

Military radio Army FM updates its broadcasting network. The main goal is to make the content interesting not only for the military but also the civilian population living in ATO zone. This was stated by Oleksiy Makukhin, communications advisor to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, during a briefing held at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “Army FM has the largest coverage in ATO zone, 15 cities. In addition to geographic expansion, our goal is to adapt the content of speech, make it interesting not only for the military, who remain our main target audience, but also the population in ATO zone,” he noted. The authors plan to talk on the topic of civil and military cooperation, entry-exit checkpoints, social benefits, cooperation with security forces and local authorities, etc.

Army FM will continue to maintain the morale of the servicemen on the front line, but it also plans to establish communication between the military and the civilian. “Because of propaganda, communication between the local population and the military is weak. It increases, but the propaganda is very powerful. The ‘Access Point’ program and themes in other author programs intend to establish communication, dialogue, so that you switch on Army FM and realize that we are also anxious about civilians’ problems and that they may ask the military and help each other,” explained Iryna Sampan, editor-in-chief, Military radio “Army FM”. Such programs as “Pryvit v ATO” and morning show “Rota, pidyom!” have started this job. “’Pryvit v ATO’ is the most positive and warm program. We establish communication between the military and civilians through it,” informed Aliona Kravchenko. In the morning show, there are always many calls from regular listeners in Luhansk. There are also topical programs, for example, on literature or business. Program “Sector L” is devoted to the modern Ukrainian literature, including literature written by veterans. “When this all is over, the memories and literature will remain. People should know about this and read this literature. It includes not only fiction, but also documentary,” noted Kateryna Potapenko, anchorwoman. Leonid Ostaltsev invites veterans who managed to start their business after demobilization to his program “Veterano business”. “We’re talking about how to start business and how best to do it. We hope that we motivate others to get off their backside and do something,” he noted. Besides, Army FM expands news broadcast, launches international news from the hotspots, where the Ukrainian contingent is involved in peace-keeping operations. On Saturdays, Michael Schur will host his program, reporting “DPR” and “LPR” news and “victories” in his own style.


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