Ministry of Defense: 54 militants’ attacks recorded in ATO zone yesterday

Ministry of Defense: 54 militants’ attacks recorded in ATO zone yesterday
Kyiv, April 30, 2017.

The situation in the ATO zone in the east of Ukraine remained tense yesterday, but the intensity of hostilities involving heavy armaments significantly reduced in comparison with April 28. Militants used artillery only in Luhansk sector. “In total, Russian proxies violated the ceasefire 54 times, using heavy weapons 14 times. Two Ukrainian servicemen were killed in action, four more were wounded,” reported Ukrainian Ministry of Defense spokesman on ATO Colonel Oleksandr Motuzyanyk at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

In Luhansk sector Russia-backed militants conducted 14 attacks, almost half of them involved heavy armor. The situation is the tensest in Popasna district. Militants were attacking Ukrainian positions near Popasna and in Novotoshkivske. They conducted two mortar attacks in Novotoshkivske between 11:00 and midday, firing about 30 mortar rounds at Ukrainian positions, and used 122-mm howitzers late at night. “The enemy used heavy weapons against Krymske defenders, firing 20 mortar rounds during the day and five artillery shells before the midnight,” added Col. Motuzyanyk. Militants fired five rounds from 82-mm mortars in Staryi Aidar in the evening. Moreover, they violated the ceasefire in Zhovte.

Russian proxies violated the ceasefire nine times in Donetsk sector, using mortars five times. Most attacks took place near Avdiivka and in the Horlivka perimeter. First attacks near Avdiivka started after midnight. Most of them involved light weapons. Militants also fired 20 mortar rounds. The situation was calm from 04:00 to 10:00, when the enemy resumed attacks using mostly small arms, including sniping rifles. Following the pause in hostilities from 12:00 to 19:00, militants conducted a 2-hour attack with light weapons and mortars. After the sunset, they delivered a three-hour attack with massive fire of grenade launchers and large machine guns in Zaitseve and Verkhniotoretske. Moreover, in Verkhniotoretske they fired over 30 mortar rounds.

In Mariupol sector militants shelled Krasnohorivka with mortars at dawn. Later Russian proxies were repeatedly violating the ceasefire with light and mounted weapons in Maryinka area, including a small arms attack on Maryinka checkpoint around 20:00. In Novotroitske and Berezove militants conducted two brief mortar attacks after midnight, and used light weapons in Novotroitske during the day. Pavlopil – Shyrokyne frontline was restless all day long yesterday, yet no heavy weapons were used. “In total, the enemy conducted 31 ceasefire violations in Mariupol sector yesterday, and used mortars three times,” summarized Col. Motuzyanyk.

Yesterday Ukrainian troops downed an ‘Orlan’ UAV of Russia production. Moreover, near Krasnohorivka law enforcements found grenades produced in Russia in 1993.


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