Danylo Lubkivsky: Each day of back-pedalling on EU side will encourage Russia’s aggressive ideology

Danylo Lubkivsky: Each day of back-pedalling on EU side will encourage Russia’s aggressive ideology
July 08, 2014.

Kyiv, 8 July 2014 – European Union states have to proceed with their consistent policy as to the Russian Federation. Ukraine is seeking and will keep insisting further for a harsh and consistent response when it comes to the next rounds of sanctions against the Russian aggression. Such statement made Danylo Lubkivsky, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine at his briefing in the Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “We call on our partners to stick to the consistent approach in putting pressure on the Russian Federation. Selective approach is a mistake. We are carefully following public speeches on the Russian Federation made by international officials as well as their certain “maneuvers” when it comes to introducing these or that sanctions. We are warning our partners against repeating the mistakes that could potentially encourage further aggression”.

Conflict in the east of Ukraine, Crimea’s occupation by Russia are the issues that cannot and will not be taken off the agenda of the European Union, democratic states and international community. No illusion – compromises are not possible here. Any compromise as to the principles, values and unified position regarding Russian aggression will encourage further escalation. It is unacceptable!” underlined Foreign Affairs Ministry representative.

Ukrainian diplomats will continue insisting on further harsh sanctions on the Russian Federation, directed against Russian political regime, as the regime “constitutes a threat to the international community”. Otherwise, in the opinion of Danylo Lubkivsky, if there is no pressure Russia’s aggressive policy will continue.

Answering the journalists’ questions on financing received by the terrorists the Deputy Minister noted that respective state agencies including Ukraine’s Security Service will be soon able to provide complete information on those who directly finance the rebels. “We understand that patrons of the Russian militants are based in Russia. It is also obvious that various organizations act as sponsors and support them,” added Mr. Lubkivsky.


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