Ukrainian media review on April 01, 2015

Economic difficulties seem to push the parties on Donbas to seek peaceful point of contact.  Ukraine continues to improve the supply of coal, critically needed for its power stations from the suppliers located in the ATO zone.  In general, the economy block of the Government is convinced that dynamics of this year GDP growth and the mood of investors and creditors will depend on the peaceful development of the situation in the east.

At the same time, discussions are ongoing about the possible options for the stabilization of the situation in Donbas.  Meanwhile former Party of Regions activists seek to restore their political influence in this area.  Surrendering Donbas to oligarchic groups’ mercy is discussed as one of the possible solutions, along with a radical proposal to give up these areas for the sake of European integration’s intensification in the rest of Ukraine.

Shadow government creation by the former Party of Regions politicians was widely discussed by experts last week.  Mostly experts agree that this initiative will not have a significant impact on the real situation in the country; however, it might serve as a PR campaign for the opposition. Establishing of such shadow government can be also used as a re-branding instrument of the Opposition Bloc and preparatory step for the next elections participation.

Summer gas package signed by Naftogaz and Gazprom, could jeopardize future plans for f the reverse gas supply to Ukraine, since the price of Russian gas delievered to Ukraine under this contract is cheaper than in Europe.  Agreement could also be considered as the basis for building long-term relations between Russia and Ukraine in the gas sector.

Meanwhile anti-corruption efforts collide with the political interests more and more.  Recently members of the so-called “Dnipropetrovsk team” of oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky claimed anti-corruption and anti-criminal investigations against them are politically biased and motivated.