Yuriy Derevyanko: «Kyoto» money keep being plundered by Yanukovych fictitious companies

Yuriy Derevyanko: «Kyoto» money keep being plundered by Yanukovych fictitious companies
June 23, 2014.

Kyiv, June 23, 2014 – Accounts freeze and strict audit are the most urgent steps needed to prevent theft of funds that Ukraine received by selling unused carbon dioxide emission quotas in compliance with Kyoto protocol. Money theft schemes used were “classical” ones: overrating of cost estimates as well as holding non-transparent tenders. «Ukraine received 4.7 billion hryvnas of “Kyoto” money and 1.7 billion hryvnas out of this amount have already been used. Fictitious companies established and backed by Yanukovych, continue working and spending the funds. In December last year Yanukovych team held a number of tenders for spending about 2.9 billion hryvnas», – stated a member of Ukrainian Parliament Yuriy Derevyanko during his media briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Ministry of Revenues and Duties asserts 11 companies holding the agreements for a total amount of 2.95 billion hryvnas concluded in 2012-2014 as fictitious ones. According to the peoples’ deputy’s explanation these are the companies with no employees and zero capital assets. The following companies are on the list:  LLC «Sodetel», LLC «Antis Trade», LLC «Tekhbudtsentr», LLC «Lifebuilding»,  State enterprise «Lift-2», LLC «Stroyinvest 2007», PE «STEK», LLC «Soyuz 2007», JE LLC «Avalon», LLC «Donbudgrup», LLC «Elios Strategiya». «All these companies do not employ any staff and do not file any accounts. In experts’ opinion they are fictitious companies receiving state contracts for such enormous amounts. Three billion hryvnas have already been distributed. It is a huge sum, which by raw calculations, would suffice to replace almost one million windows in ten thousands of schools. It is where the funds should be directed. But why it is not happening? The system used up till now was absolutely non-transparent, which means that not a single candidate for the funds could understand how the competition took place, in which way it was  held, what where the evaluation criteria.  Owing to such “mist” either projects advantageous for someone or projects with full-scale corruption component were pushed through», – emphasized  Yuriy Derevyanko.

«Green» money envisaged by Kyoto protocol must be directed to ecological projects resulting in exhaust fumes amount reduction as well as in-house energy-saving technologies, increase in electricity from renewable sources production or other ecologically/socially meaningful projects. Implementation of 817 projects for overall amount of 4.738 billion hryvnas in 24 Ukrainian regions has been agreed with a Japanese counterpart.