The Heroes of Heavenly Hundred will be commemorated with petals march

Kyiv, February 15, 2017.

A three-day petals march of commemoration of the Heroes of Heavenly Hundred will be held on 18th , 19th and 20th February.

There will be an open microphone next to Independent Monument at 4 p.m. on 18th of February, then the prayer and the performance “Maidan – the cradle of the new mankind”. The march will take place along the central streets with strewing the streets with petals, reported Sergii Struchok, a chairman of the Audit Commission of the Public association “Volya Hromady”, creative director of the patriotic internet radio “Vol’nytsya”, founder of IT Toloka, during the briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “We will follow three routes, where the people were murdered – Instytuts’ka street, Grushevs’kogo street, Mariinsky park, and Budynok Profspilok. The streets will be strewed with petals. We do not want the Heroes to be forgotten and the memory to disappear; we do not want any prosecution or excuses. We want to honor the Heroes”, he said.

On February 19th, starting from 2 a.m. the place will be decorated with paper angels. “Terytoriya A” has made the similar silent and gentle action of hanging white angels along Instytuts’ka street.
“This year we joined the petal march and we will also hang angels on trees”, – said Angelika Rudnyts’ka, president of the art agency “Terytoriya A”, singer, painter, TV presenter, and public figure.

On February 20th the commemoration will start at 7 p.m. at Maidan Nezalezhnosti. In addition, during these days there will be a range of other events: the march of commemoration, which will begin at 10 a.m. at the European Square and the participants will make a circle across Instytuts’ka and Grushevs’kogo streets. A photo exhibition “U fokusi podii” will be held in the Ukrainian House at noon the same day. The performance “We are Maidan” will be performance in the theater “Koleso”. “The aim is to keep the memory about the Maidan alive and actual, especially within the context of clarification what actually happened. These events are designed not only to commemorate the people who sacrificed their lives for the future of Ukraine, but also to find the culprits. One of the forms of preserving the memory is the recovery of justice”, – said Ihor Poshyvaylo , general director of the National Memorial complex of Heavenly Hundred the unit of the Museum of Revolution of Dignity.

“We do not want to be only a small part in history books with this pain. This is the history of great love and great self-sacrifice for the sake of the great future. Those days is an example of great love for each other and the country”, pointed Anzhelika Rudnyts’ka.

“This is the bloody revolution, but the most significant is the feeling of internal freedom, the love to your motherland and the desire of dignity for your nation, even if we have to acquire it this way”, – said Yuliya Kholodna, art director of students-teachers association “Teatr slova”.


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