NSDC: Humanitarian cargo to arrive in Ukraine according to Ukrainian and international legislation

NSDC: Humanitarian cargo to arrive in Ukraine according to Ukrainian and international legislation
August 12, 2014.

Kyiv, August 12, 2014 – “The supply of humanitarian cargo to Ukraine will be carried out in accordance with Ukrainian legislation and international law, as well as in adherence to the approaches, which are employed by the International Red Cross Committee, and which are fully shared by Ukraine and the entire global community,” stated Ukrainian NSDC Information Center spokesman Colonel Andriy Lysenko during a press briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “The Ukrainian government is doing everything it is power to support the civilian population within the ATO zone, on territories temporarily under terrorist control. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko initiated an international humanitarian aid mission for Donbas districts, which had their infrastructure and life support systems ruined as a result of terrorist activity,” added Lysenko.

This was the topic of yesterday’s conversation between the President of Ukraine and President of the International Red Cross Committee Peter Maurer. Peter Maurer assured that the Red Cross is ready to provide various kinds of support for this mission. In particular, the organization takes up all organization and logistics issues related to the international mission. Peter Maurer notified Petro Poroshenko of his intent to send the chairman of the regional Red Cross department to Ukraine. “Red Cross representatives emphasize that such aid is only possible under conditions of adherence to basic principles of this organization’s activities, such as neutrality and independence, and that it excludes any weapons export. Therefore there can be no talk of any ‘humanitarian convoys’,” emphasized the NSDC spokesman at the briefing.

Representative of the International Federation of Red Cross Societies and the Red Crescent Davron Mukhamadiev stated that throughout the week Red Cross activists will evaluate the need for humanitarian aid of the population within the conflict zone in the east of Ukraine. The humanitarian mission will be carried out after this evaluation.

The Ukrainian President’s initiative as to the humanitarian mission was also supported by EU Commission President Jose-Manuel Barroso. “He is convinced that this mission has to be carried out in adherence to international legislation. Barroso stated that the European Union is ready to provide 2,5 million Euro for humanitarian aid in Ukraine. Besides, the humanitarian mission initiative was discussed with US President Barack Obama,” noted Andriy Lysenko.