Wochenübersicht der ukrainischen Pressenachrichten vom 20.01.2015 bis zum 26.01.2015

Terroranschlag in Mariupol in der Ostukraine

Mariupol attack carried out by Russian artillery battery – Ukraine’s security chief. The shelling of Mariupol was carried out by a Russian artillery battery, led by a Russian officer known by the nom de guerre Pepel, the head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Valentyn Nalyvaichenko said. He described the shelling of Mariupol as a crime against humanity, and also exhibited a video testimony given by the detained artillery controller Sergei Kirsanov, who said that Russian officer Alexander, with the nom de guerre of Pepel, commanded the Russian artillery battery which carried out the shelling. “At 0730 on January 24 came the order from the Russian officer who led the militant artillery battery. There were a total of five shelling attacks… They stop shelling Mariupol civilians, because they had received information that the OSCE mission had gone to the Novoazovsk district from which the Russian artillery was clearly operating,” said Nalyvaichenko, citing the video testimony given by Kirsanov. Nalyvaichenko stressed that multiple rocket launchers and Tyulpan (Tulip) mortars were hidden in the village of Markyne, Donetsk region. (In English). Interfax-Ukraine. 26.01.2015. >>>

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Damage from militant attack on Mariupol estimated at UAH 100 mln. The rocket attack on Mariupol on Saturday, as well as taking the lives of 30 people and injuring over 100, caused around UAH 100 million in damage to the city, City Administration Chairman Oleksandr Kikhtenko has said. Repair work is being carried out in the city to tackle damage from fires caused by the attack, and assistance is being provided to victims, Kikhtenko said. “Commissions have been set up, acts are being drawn up. About a hundred cars were damaged, including private ones,” he said. “The shells came from Novoazovsk-Taganrog. The Ministry of Emergency Situations is now assisting us, and I asked activists to attend to each person so as to help as quickly as possible. We have to do everything to overcome this.” (In English). UNIAN. 26.01.2015.>>>

Lage in der ATO-Zone in der Ostukraine

Ukrainian government implements state of emergency in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Ukrainian PM Yatsenyuk announces state of emergency in war-torn eastern conflct zone. Ukrainian PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk has announced the implementation of a state of emergency in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. The move was explained as a safety measure for the protection of all Ukrainian citizens resident living in areas in or close to the conflict zone in east Ukraine. PM Yatsenyuk stressed that the introduction of an official state of emergency differed from the introduction of martial law. In line with the implementation of a state of emergency, the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers will now establish regional emergency commissions. Yatsenyuk said that the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers has also placed the entire country on a heightened state of alert. (In English). Ukraine Today. 26.01.2015. >>>

President Petro Poroshenko has informed the factions of the Verkhovna Rada coalition on the results of the NSDC meeting of January 25. The NSDC has suggested amendments to the legislation aimed at the establishment of military-civilian administrations in the inhabited localities of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. “This will let us resolve the issue of absence of authorities in the liberated territories, when all deputies of local councils, who supported separatist positions and committed crimes, have absconded from justice,” the Head of State noted. “That is why military-civilian administrations will perform the local government functions until the election of competent representative authorities,” Petro Poroshenko has informed. According to him, not only militaries, but also civilians with managerial experience can be appointed. The main criterion is the capability of being responsible for the solution of security and humanitarian problems of people in the liberated territories. Petro Poroshenko has stressed that the humanitarian situation was especially complicated in the areas severely affected by constant shelling. (In English). Präsidialamt. 26.01.2015.>>>

NSDC: Ukrainian soldiers control Donetsk airport fire station, meteorological tower and runway. The Ukrainian defenders at Donetsk airport control the wrecked facility’s fire station, meteorological tower and runway, while the other areas of the airport are under the control of Russian-backed militants, Deputy Head of Information and Analytical Center of the National Security and Defense Council Volodymyr Polioviy said. “The front line passes directly through Donetsk airport, while the old and new terminals are completely destroyed,” he said. “Our soldiers are maintaining their defenses near the fire station, the meteorological tower and runway. “The rest of the Donetsk airport is under the control of the Russian-backed insurgents. (In English). UNIAN. 26.01.2015.>>>

General Staff: 184 Ukrainian soldiers held prisoner by militants. Russian-backed insurgents are holding 184 Ukrainian servicemen prisoner, Acting Speaker of the General Staff of Ukraine Vladyslav Selezniov said. “According to official data, 184 soldiers are being held prisoner,” he said. As reported earlier, the head of the center for the release of prisoners Volodymyr Ruban said that 30 Ukrainian soldiers had been captured by the militants of the Donetsk People’s Republic. (In English). UNIAN. 26.01.2015.>>>

Over the last day militants fired 115 times at east Ukraine residential areas. In the last day 7 Ukrainian servicemen got killed in action, 24 were wounded. Ukrainian militray officials report that over the last day Russian-backed militants fired 115 times at Ukrainian military positions and reswidential areas. Leonyd Matyukhin, military spokesman said: “Over the night the enemy continued firing at Ukrainian military positions. The most intense shelling has been noted at the Luhansk direction, in particular at Stanytsia Luhanska: terrorists fired upon the locality with artillery and Grad multiple rocket launchers. Novotoshkivka, Petrivka, Tryokhizbenka, Slovianoserbsk and Frunze also came under fire.” (In English). Ukraine Today. 26.01.2015.>>>

75 Kinder wurden  aus Krasnohoriwka und Marjinka (Kriegsgebiet) evakuiert. Dies teilte Parlamentsabgeordnete Anton Heraschtschenko. Die Kinder wurden laut Zustimmung der Eltern nach Sanatorien und Erholungsheimen in anderen Regionen der Ukraine evakuiert, schrieb Heraschtschenko auf Facebook. Die Terroristen haben den Beschuss der Siedlungen während der Evakuierung von Kindern eingestellt.  Liga.net. 26.01.2015.>>>

Russische Geheimdienste sind an Sprengungen in Kharkiw und Odessa beteiligt. Die russischen Geheimdienste sind an Organisation der Terroranschläge und Sabotageakte in den verschiedenen Städten der Ukraine beteiligt. Auf solche Weise versuchen sie zwischen den Ukrainern Panik zu verbreitern. Dies berichtete der Berater des Chefs von Sicherheitsdienst der Ukraine Markian Lubkivskyj. “Gegen Ukraine wird ein vielseitiger Krieg durchgeführt, und zwar, ein direkter Krieg, ein Informationskrieg. Dabei versuchen die Diversionsgruppen (Terroristen, Saboteure, Provokateure) die Terroranschläge in der Ukraine zu organisieren. Diese Maßnahmen werden ergriffen, um die Lage in der Ukraine zu destabilisieren”, erklärte Lubkivskyj. Ukrainska Prawda. 26.01.2015.>>>


PACE erkennt Mandat von der illegal gefangengenommenen Sawtschenko an. Die Parlamentarische Versammlung des Europarats hat das Mandat von der Vertreterin der ukrainischen Delegation Nadija Sawtschenko mit überwiegender Mehrheit anerkannt und sie wird mit diplomatischer Immunität ausstatten. „Mit überwiegender Mehrheit wurde es von PACE entschieden, Mandat von Nadija Sawtschenko anzuerkennen, trotz ihrer persönlichen Abwesenheit im Europarat“, sagte ein Diplomat. Das jeweilige Dokument wird an den PACE-Reglementausschuss übergeben. Ein solcher Schritt kann für die ukrainische Vertreterin in PACE die Chancen erheblich erhöhen, aus dem russischen Gefängnis freigelassen werden. Liga.net. 26.01.2015. >>>


Ukraine’s finance minister hopes to get first IMF tranche under EFF program in late Feb – early March. Ukraine has the chance to reach an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on a new Extended Fund Facility (EFF) program over the next few weeks to receive its first tranche in late February or early March, Minister of Finance Natalie Jaresko has stated. She stressed that the IMF’s positive decision on the EFF program would allow Ukraine to receive assistance from other international and bilateral partners who had previously promised to issue funds based on the IMF program. Jaresko said the matter concerns about $2 billion in loan guarantees from the United States, EUR1.8 billion from the EU, EUR500 million from Germany, up to EUR100 million from Poland, and $300 million from Japan. (In English). Interfax-Ukraine. 24.01.2015. >>>

Ukraine increases daily gas imports from EU to 42.7 mln cubic meters – Naftogaz. Ukraine’s daily gas imports from the European Union had increased to 42.7 million cubic meters by January 25, Naftogaz CEO Andriy Kobolev has announced. “A text message has arrived on this sad day, bringing in good news. ‘Date January 25, 215. Arrivals for Ukraine, including from EU countries: 42.7 million cubic meters,'” Kobolev wrote on Facebook on Sunday. Reports said earlier that the daily handling capacity of the Slovak gas corridor for Ukraine has increased to 40 million cubic meters. (In English).  Forbes.ua. 25.01.2015.>>>

Ukraine increases gas imports from Hungary to 3.7 mcm a day. Ukraine, from January 24, has increased imports of natural gas from Hungary by one third, to 3.7 million cubic meters, the press service of public joint-stock company Ukrtransgaz reported on Monday. The press service said that gas supplies from Hungary were resumed on January 10, 2015, with a daily volume of around 2.7 million cubic meters. Taking into account increased daily gas supplies from Slovakia, in the period from January 1 to January 24, 2015 Ukraine imported 768.1 million cubic meters of gas from Europe. (In English).  Interfax-Ukraine. 26.01.2015.>>>