NSDC: Terrorists outshot stronghold at Shchastya outskirts with mortar launchers and tanks


Kyiv, October 5, 2014 – “Situation in the ATO zone remains tense. Terrorists are infringing ceasefire agreements continuing assaulting and outshooting ATO forces as well as populated localities in the region. In the last 24 hours militants outshot residential quarters of several populated localities using artillery. These were residential quarters in Donetsk in Kuybyshevskyi and Petrovskyi districts and Nikishyne village in Shakhtarskyi district of Donetsk region. Bombardments with “Grad” multiple launch rocker systems have been recorded nearby Lysychansk. Positions of our troops were outshot nearby Debaltseve town, Nevelske and Tonenke villages in Donetsk region and Myrna Dolyna settlement in Luhansk region. Terrorists outshot a platoon locality nearby Shchastya town in Luhansk region using mortar launchers and tanks”, – reported Volodymyr Polevyi, the National Security and Defense Council Information Center deputy head at his briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Mr Polevyi informed that following the recording of the abovementioned bombardment in Debaltseve town representatives of the Russian Federation contacted a local field commander of illegal armed groupings. He confirmed the fact of bombardment, but the attack was not terminated due to the actions of subdivisions which were supposedly beyond militants’ control.

NSDC spokesman reported that within last 24 hours in Donetsk airport our troops defeated terrorists’ assaults followed the bombardments using artillery, tanks and small weapons two times. All these assaults were defeated with the enemy incurring considerable loss.

Yesterday nearby Mariupol terrorists outshot cutters task force which put out to the place in the sea where a Ukrainian cutter sank on August 31 as a result of a fire attack. The border guards wanted to overlook the tragedy site once again and continue the search of the missing navy sailors. Nevertheless, at 1:40 the enemy outshot Ukrainian border guards from Shyrokyne populated locality area at a distance of approximately 5.5km using mine launchers. Cutter crews reacted promptly and withdrew the cutter to the safe distance.

According to Polevyi, there were no military clashes on the border with Russia beyond ATO zone. There were no facts of Ukrainian aerial domain infringement or air recoinnassance recorded. 2 Ukrainian servicemen died and 6 were wounded within last 24 hours. Commenting situation in localities of the conflict zone, Volodymyr Polevyi reported that about 225 thousand pensioners were unable to receive over 3 billion hryvnias of pension payments as a result of terrorists’ activity in Donetsk region. The NSDC spokesman stated that the Ministry for economic cooperation and development of Germany sent freight with humanitarian aid for Donbas to Ukraine.

The minister of economic cooperation Gerd Muller informed that the freight would contain mobile homes, field kitchens, radiators, electrical power generators, fuel tanks and water reservoirs, winter clothes, blankets, sleeping bags and hygienic kits. Total value of goods reaches 12 million dollars. The freight is to arrive to the Polish-Ukrainian border in the morning of October 07. The minister emphasized that it was a “signal of sympathy” and that the people of Ukraine can rely on Germany as the  dependable partner.