NSDC: Terrorists infringe the new reached “silence mode”


Kyiv, October 8, 2014 – “Representatives of the trilateral observation mission in Donbas agreed yesterday on “silence mode” introduction starting from 6:30 pm.  Nevertheless, terrorists violated the reached agreements again. Bombardments of Ukrainian troops’ positions continued, though less brisk than during the day”, – reported Colonel Lysenko, the National Security and Defense Council Information Center spokesman at his briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Within last 24 hours assaults and bombardments nearby Donetsk airport as well as Nikishyne, Orlovo-Ivanivka, Novoorlivka populated localities were recoded. Bombardments nearby Shchastya town and Tryokhizbenka village involving mortar guns and light weapons were recorded. Terrorists also outshot ATO positions in Tonenke, Krasnohorivka, Oleksandrivka, Donetskyi populated localities using “Grad” rocket launchers.

NSDC spokesman informed that 3 people kept hostage by terrorist were released within last 24 hours. A journalist Yegor Vorobyov is among the released.

According to Lysenko 3 Ukrainian servicemen died and 12 were wounded in the last 24 hours in eastern Ukraine.

During the briefing Colonel Lysenko stated that the Report of UN Higher Commissioner for Human Rights Administration to be made public today at 13:00 EET. At the same time Russian state mass media have already published excerpts from the report, using manipulative technologies and distorting facts. NSDC spokesman called upon representatives of Ukrainian and international mass-media to analyze such documents independently and exclusively on the basis of the text of complete official report.

According to Lysenko, situation in Donetsk zone remains extremely stringent. Terrorists continue artillery shelling of residential quarters of the city. In particular, Kyivskyi and Kuybyshevskyi district of Donetsk were outshot, resulting in death of 3 non-combatants and wound of 4 more within last 24 hours. Bombardments on the militants’ side caused damages and fire emergency in residential houses in Avtostradna, Ayvazovskyi, Krupska streets.

Yesterday power grids at metalworks’ substation in Kyivskyi district were damaged as a result of terrorists’ artillery shelling. The emergency resulted in power cut, including North water pipe hub of “Donetskmiskvodokanal” communal enterprise.  Water supply of Kyivskyi and Kuybyshevskyi districts was interrupted for 4 hours, but power engineers renewed power supply of North water pipe hub. At present over 150 thousand inhabitants of Kyivskyi and Kuybyshevskyi districts in Donetsk are being supplied with water and energy supply has been renewed in more than 1000 private houses and in hospital No.21.

NSDC spokesman informed that 112 trucks with humanitarian aid from Germany are in the Ukrainian territory already.  Last night about 2:00 am 98 vehicles arrived to a logistics center nearby Kyiv. The remaining 14 trucks are to arrive to Kyiv during the day. The freight contains three mobile towns fully equipped for life during winter. They will be delivered to the regions of Ukraine bordering with Donetsk and Luhansk regions and are the first to receive IDPs.

At the briefing Andriy Lysenko informed that Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko held a meeting with permanent representatives of OSCE member countries. During the meeting parties discussed the necessity to establish efficient control over Ukrainian-Russian border. The head of the state addressed OSCE representatives asking to enhance special OSCE monitoring mission efforts without any further delay and calling upon increasing the number of observers to 1500.

The President pointed out that, according to the calculations of the Ukrainian side, only such number of OSCE monitors together with at least 29 pilotless aircrafts is able to secure efficient monitoring over the territory seized by terrorists. Petro Poroshenko also emphasized on necessity to implement Minsk agreements without further delay, drawing OSCE representatives’ attention to the importance of securing efficient control over Ukrainian-Russian border with the participation of OSCE monitors and corresponding video recording which is a necessary prerequisite for Peace plan implementation.

The head of the state also drew OSCE representatives’ attention to the numerous facts of ceasefire infringement and continuation of heavy artillery use on the militants’ side.  He drew peculiar attention of the audience to violation of Crimean Tatars rights in the occupied Crimea and called upon intensifying OSCE member countries efforts in order to renew sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Commenting response of international community to the events in Ukraine, Colonel Lysenko  cited the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Grzegorz Schetyna stating that Poland was going to insist on intensifying sanctions against the Russian Federation provided the latter would not change its policy. “It will bring us closer to better settlement of the situation”,– said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland.

The vice president of the European Parliamentary Assembly Richard Charnetsky stated that he promoted extensive support to Ukraine, including military one. «I don’t exclude any form of support. It is in Europe’s interests not to leave Ukraine facing Russia tete-a-tete», – he emphasized.

«Europe is learning and making progress from this viewpoint. Whereas it vaguely reacted during Georgian conflict, its position is more determined», – emphasized Richard Charnetsky.