Schedule of press briefings in Ukraine crisis media center for October 16, 2014

Schedule of press briefings in UCMC

12-30 Col. Andriy Lysenko, the National Security and Defense Council information center spokesman

13-30 “Operation Rainbow Canada” presentation. Canadian surgical professionals arrive to Ukraine to perform reconstructive surgery for Ukrainians injured in the Maidan and the ATO zone”
Victor Hetmanczuk, President, Canada Ukraine Foundation

14-00 Topic: “Reforming Higher Education in Ukraine: Changes in the distribution of orders from the state in 2016”
Inna Sovsun, First Deputy Minister for Education and Science of Ukraine
Yegor Stadnyi, Head of educational programs, Center for Society Research”

15-30 Round table: “Irresponsibility and powerless of Government in resolving issues of IDPs and residents of occupied and liberated territories”
Olesya Medvedyeva, civic initiative “We support Peace”, Horlivka
Iryna Perkova, civic organisation “New Mariupol”, Mariupol
Gennady Kobzar, Committee on Internally displaced persons (IDPs), Donetsk
Oksana Yermishyna, Committee on Internally displaced persons (IDPs), Donetsk
Olga Skrypnyk, “Center for public education “Almenda”, Crimea
Oleh Saakian, “United coordination center “Donbas”