NSDC: Border Guards and Customs Officials will Soon Return to the Ukraine-Russia Border in the ATO Zone


Kyiv, October 19, 2014. – The checkpoint “Izavaryne” on the Ukraine-Russia border will re-start its work in the nearest future. Such statement was said by Andriy Lysenko, spokesman of the information-analytical center of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine during his press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Commenting the interview of President Poroshenko after his participation at the summit in Milan, Andryi Lysenko told that all attendees of the summit emphasized the importance of precisely following the Minsk accords, and, if not – the cancellation of sanctions against Russia is impossible. First of all, it concerns the elections to the local governments on Donbas, which must be held in accordance with the Ukrainian law. OSCE monitoring groups will be placed on nearly 15 spots along the separation line between the ATO forces and the terrorists. Thus, the OSCE groups will be able to identify whoever is violating the Minsk agreements.

Andryi Lysenko reported that the checkpoint number 32 near the Smile locality is under the full control of the Ukrainain military. Minister of Defense of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak told Ukraine’s President that a combat was held near the checkpoint. During the stand-off Ukrainian troops destroyed one enemy tank. As the result of the combat, Ukrainian military suffered no casualties, two serviceman got wounded. The military reinforcement has arrived, the water supply has been established, food and ammunition were brought to the checkpoint.

NSDC spokesman told that yet another time the terrorists tried to siege the Donetsk airport. The attack was repelled, the terrorists suffered great losses and were forced to flee. The terrorists have shelled the positions of ATO soldiers with “Grad” rocket launchers near Mykolaivka, Novobakhmutivka and Tonenke (Donetsk region). The UAV flying on the route “Mariupol-Kominternovo” was  detected. No combats or shellings on the Ukraine-Russia border took place for the past 24 hours. Overall, for the past 24 hours 13 Ukrainian soldiers got wounded; no casualties suffered.

Andryi Lysenko pointed out that the situation on the occupied territories remains tense. One department of the Donetsk state factory of chemical products was destroyed, the gas pipelines in two districts of the city are damaged, four civillians died and nine are wounded as the result of the terrorist shelling.

In the meantime, life on the liberated territories stabilizes. Namely, today Slovyansk held a concert of children talents; on October 19 the city will hold the song and dance festival by the performers from the National Guard of Ukraine for the local citizens and internally displaced persons.

When talking about international support to Ukraine, colonel Lysenko highlighted the statement of the spokesman of the United States Ministry of Defense John Kirby, who told that the United States find it necessary to prepare for the potential threat, coming from the Russian Federation. Minister for Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Linas Linkevičius spoke in favor of imposing stricter sanctions against Russia and expanding help to the government of Ukraine. Minister for Foreign Affairs of Australia Julie Bishop said that Vladimir Putin agreed to influence the pro-Russia terrorists in the Donbas region, so the investigators can continue exploring the MH7 crash site.