Schedule of press briefings in Ukraine crisis media center for November 7, 2014

11-00 Press breakfast: “Financial decentralization: what will happen to money in the regions after the reform?”
Yury Ganuschak, director, Institute of Development of Technologies
Anatolyi Tkachuk, director, Institute of Civil Society

12-00 Topic: “Fresh fakes of Russian propaganda”
Margo Gontar, editor and StopFake co-founder

12-30 Col. Andriy Lysenko, the National Security and Defense Council information center spokesman

13-00 Topic: “From EuroMaidan – into ATO. Ukraine after Maidan through eyes of volunteer battalions”
Mykola Yakubovych, 28th  “sotnia” of Maidan Self-defence, one of the founders of Donbas battalion
Myroslav Gay, volunteer, former fighter of the National Guard and Maidan Self-defence
Igor Gurchyk, Aidar battalion fighter, 4th “sotnia” of Maidan Self-defence
Ruslan Arsayev (so-called “Chechen”), Aidar battalion fighter, 8th Afghan “sotnia” of Maidan Self-defence
Sergiy “Bars”, 24th “sotnia” of Maidan Self-defence, former Aidar battalion fighter
Yulia Valkilia (so-called “Tolopa”), Russian citizen, Aidar battalion fighter
Oleksandr “Visnyk”, Maidan activist, 3rd “sotnia” of Maidan Self-defence

13-30 Topic: “Start of the international charitable marathon “Ukraine it’s me!”
Vyacheslav Boguslavskyi, Union of ATO volunteers
Oleksiy Zhmerenetskyi, Initiative “New system”