National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine: Russia continues to increase supply of heavy military equipment to the terrorists


Kyiv, 10 November 2014 – Supply of large number of military equipment and of manpower from the Russian Federation to the districts controlled by militants doesn’t stop. Military equipment concentration of militants and of the Russian Federation along the delineation line remains the same. “On November 8th two convoys of equipment numbering approximately 50 curtain-sided Kamaz trucks were spotted on the move from the Russian Federation directed to Snizhne. Almost each was towing an artillery system. OSCE monitoring mission representatives once again observed convoys of military equipment on the territories controlled by the militants. Yesterday the monitors spotted a convoy of 17 ZIL trucks near Sverdlov 15 km east of Donetsk. 5 trucks were transporting Grad multiple rocket launcher systems. Monitors spotted one more convoy of Kamaz trucks near Zugres. 12 of them were transporting 122-mm howitzers. This information comes from an official OSCE report,” informed Colonel Andriy Lysenko spokesman of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine (NSDC) at a briefing in the Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

As per intelligence data new AK-74 assault rifles with laser sights were brought from the Russian Federation to Donetsk. There are also reports on sniper rifles to be supplied in the nearest time.

Within the last 24 hours positions of anti-terrorist operation (ATO) forces were most intensely shelled and attacked at Debaltseve direction. Near Olkhovatka militants fired with BM-21 Grad MRLS basic camp of Ukrainian Armed Forces. Terrorists fire with Grad, mortars, tanks, artillery and sniper weapons at checkpoints and positions of Ukrainian military at Donetsk, Pervomaysk and Luhansk directions.

Yesterday at Mariupol direction border guards spotted 1 UAV. Near Orlovske and Hranitne militants fired with mortars at ATO regiment strongholds. “In 500 meters from militants’ checkpoint located on exit from Novoazovsk to Mariupol direction positions of the Russian-produced Pantsir anti-aircraft missile system were discovered. We herewith stress that such system even in theory is not part of armament of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” explained Colonel Andriy Lysenko.

Within the last 24 hours 2 Ukrainian servicemen got killed, 5 wounded.

Terrorists do not stop shelling population centers with peaceful civilians. Most tense situation is near Chornykhyne village of Popasnyansky district in Luhansk region, yesterday it was shelled 5 times with Grad MRLS. “As a result electricity, gas, water and power supply systems are severely damaged, there are ruined houses. Chornukhyne is on the edge of humanitarian catastrophe, it is not possible to approach it due to the combat,” underlined the NSDC spokesman.

Based on the results of his meeting with the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov in the course of APEC summit US Secretary of State John Kerry did not rule out introduction of new sanctions against Russia having noted that the issue will depend on Kremlin’s future decisions.

US Senator John McCain commenting on the report on the movement of Russian troops and heavy equipment deep into Ukraine’s territory claimed that “Russia has violated its ceasefire agreement and again supplied pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine with military equipment and arms. No one should be surprised by reports today that large columns of Russian tanks, artillery, and military personnel have moved back into eastern Ukraine,” stated McCain. “If confirmed, today’s reported Russian re-invasion of Ukraine should lead to an immediate escalation of US and EU sanctions,” the Senator added.

German Minister for Foreign Affairs Frank-Walter Steinmeir stated that the situation in eastern Ukraine is worsening once again. “Unfortunately, the situation is again serious. I now think that we must call upon all those involved in this conflict, as well as the Russian side, to return again to the terms of the Minsk protocol,” underlined the German Minister for Foreign Affairs.