NSDC: 74 Trucks of Humanitarian Aid from Russia Entered Ukraine


74 trucks, transporting the so-called «humanitarian aid» entered Ukraine through «Donetsk-Izvaryne» and «Mateev Kurgan – Uspenka» checkpoints. Ukrainian military are not aware of the convoy content as well as its purpose. Such statement was voiced by the spokesman of the IAC of the NSDC of Ukraine colonel Andriy Lysenko during his press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

The humanitarian aid convoy crossed Ukrainian border between 6 and 7 am. The representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross were not involved in the transportation of the convoy. Bearing in mind that the Russian Federation breached Ukrainian and international rules and regulations of transporting humanitarian aid, Ukrainian border guards and customs officers only observed the movement of the convoy, without taking any measures

Terrorists continue to shell positions of the ATO forces. The shelling frequency has somewhat decreased, compared to that during the previous days. However, there have been evidences of terrorists and Russian military preparing for offensive actions. No combats took place at the Ukraine-Russia border, outside of the ATO zone.

According to NSDC, the most severe shellings of the past 24 hours took place near Debaltseve, Donetsk and Pervomaysk. For the past 24 hours Ukrainian military suffered no losses, six serviceman got wounded. The frequency of shelling the localities, controlled by Ukrianian military has substantially decreased due to the dense fog. However, the shelling still took place – after 5 am, the LNR terrorists fired 30 shots at Popasna locality from Pervomaiske locality. There were no victims as the result of the shelling.

Colonel Andriy Lysenko reported that the Internally Displaced Persons receive the sufficient amount of medical care and are currently preparing documentations, which will empower them to receive the social security payments. There are 445,176 IDPs, including 122,600 children, 87,000 physically challenged people and elderly, who have been displaced from the ATO zone to the regions of Ukraine.

United States President Barack Obama, Prime-Ministers of Japan and Australia Shinzō Abe and Tony Abbott opposed the destabilization of the situation in Eastern Ukraine and told that the responsibility of this destabilization lays on the Russian government.

In addition, the Lithuanian parliament plans to initiate a discussion with the European Parliament, the European Commission, leaders of the EU Member States and other EU institutions on the topic of supplying Ukraine with EUR 30 billion of financial aid. It is also planned that the question of recognizing «LNR» and «DNR» as terrorist organizations will be debated upon. Lithuanian parliamentarians intend to also discuss the possibility of offering the EU candidate status to Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova at the EU summit, which will take place in Riga in 2015.