ATO spokesman Leonyd Matyukhyn: Terrorists keep violating the “silence regime”


Kyiv, 15 December 2014 – Within the last 24 hours terrorists fired 7 times at the positions of anti-terrorist operation (ATO) forces with mortars and small arms, according to ATO spokesman Leonyd Matyukhyn. “Shots were fired in the area of Frunze, Chornykhyne, Orlovo-Ivanivka localities. At the Donetsk international airport bandits fired three times at the airport defenders from the area of the old terminal and of the Orthodox monastery,” explained the ATO spokesman. 

Using the opportunity provided by the ceasefire regime the ATO forces are conducting counter-subversive activities and counteracting criminal activities at the territories liberated from occupants. Deployment, state of supplies, weapons and military equipment of the ATO forces are being checked upon.

Ukraine’s Armed Forces keep receiving new and modern armament  and military equipment from the state defense enterprises. “Last week electronic warfare units, Air and Ground Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces received 12 infrared countermeasure systems, 10 scanning devices, 29 sets of cumulative protection devices for Bulat T-64BMtanks,” informed Viktoria Kushnir, spokeswoman of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine at a briefing today at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Since the start of the ATO repair brigades of the state enterprises of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have repaired 17,968 units of armament and military equipment including 573 units of missile-artillery weaponry, 3,785 armoured vehicles and tanks, 11,940 automotive vehicles, 67 planes, 42 helicopters, 24 UAVs, 54 units of communication equipment.