ATO spokesman: Last night three provocations were observed on the part of terrorists


Kyiv, 18 December 2014 – “The night in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) zone was relatively calm. From 18:00 till 07:00 in the morning ATO HQ spotted three armed provocations on the part of terrorists,” informed Leonyd Matyukhin, ATO spokesman via Skype at a briefing at the UkraineCrisisMediaCenter.

Militants fired with small arms at Kodema and Avdiivka localities as well as from 03:00 to 03:05 at the new terminal of the Donetsk airport. “From 20:30 till 20:55 in Hnutove area an enemy’s UAV was spotted at the height that slightly exceeded 1 km. Same as before our military complying with the “silence” regime did not respond to provocations and did not open fire,” noted ATO spokesman.