ATO spokesman: All checkpoints near Mariupol, except for Gnutovo, are closed


Kyiv, December 30, 2014 – «Near Mariupol all checkpoints are closed except for Gnutovo. It is a temporary measure aimed to prevent infiltration of terrorist groups into the Ukrainian territory and ensure the safety of civilians», told the ATO spokesman Leonid Matiukhin during the Skype call in Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

The night in the ATO zone was more or less smooth. Illegal paramilitary units have thrice provoked the Ukrainian servicemen by handgun and mortar fire. The militants shelled the vicinity of Olenivka settlement with mortars and twice opened handgun fire towards Avdiyivka settlement. “Enemy’s drones are getting more active across Mariupol direction. Yesterday about 10 p.m. they were observed in the sky over Talakivka and Gnutovo four times», added the ATO spokesman.